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Two-Day Field Consultation Provided by Specialists of the Heart Institute in Shepetivka and Izyaslav


Recently Prof. Borys Todurov and the team of specialists of the Heart – head of the Department of Diagnostics Cardiologist Prof. Olga Epanchintseva, cardiac surgeon Andriy Markovets, specialist in ultrasound diagnostics Hrystyna Monastyrska – held a two-day field consultation in Shepetivka and Izyaslav of Khmelnitsk region.

On the first day, the examination took place on the basis of the Shepetivka Multidisciplinary Hospital of Shepetivka Town Council.
About 70 patients, 32 of them children, with cardiovascular pathology, including patients with exacerbation of chronic coronary heart disease, hypertension and congenital heart disease, were consulted.

Many thanks for assistance in organizing the on-site consultation:
Valentyna Savchuk – Director of Shepetivka Multidisciplinary Hospital,
Andriy Nechyporuk – Director of Shepetivka Center for Primiary Health Care,
Iryna Savchuk – Head of Cardiology Department,
Oleksandr Naumets – Deputy Medical Director,
Iryna Gorschar – cardiologist of the polyclinic.

The next day, our specialists visited Izyaslav, where 35 adults and young patients received counseling and further recommendations for surgical or medical treatment. The reception took place on the basis of the Regional Central Multidisciplinary Hospital.

We are truly grateful our local colleagues for organizing and supporting the consultation:
Serhiy Shlegel – Mayor of Izyaslav,
Oleksandr Agapiy – the chief physician of the Regional Central Multidisciplinary Hospital
Svitlana Kushchuk – medical director of the hospital
Larysa Lifantieva – head of the therapeutic department

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