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Transplantation in Lutsk


December 21 is the birthday of the Heart Institute. And the best gift on our solemn day is to be able to give a chance for life.
For transplantation in Lutsk, the recipient in critical condition was transported by ambulance. A 46-year-old woman was so close to death that the defibrillator went off 8 times in the past day. It is a great happiness that a compatible donor appeared for her. On the night of December 20-21, a heart transplant was performed.
Our colleagues also performed kidney and liver transplantation.
We thank the family of the donor, who decided to give a chance at life to other people.
The team of the Heart Institute for heart transplantation:
Prof. Borys Todurov, Anton Shpachuk, Sofia Chaikovska, Volodymyr Press, Mykola Melnyk, Khrystyna Palyga, Daryna Tkachenko, Vasyl Shmyrko, Maria Petryshchak. Transplant coordinator: Anna Melnyk.
The team of the Heart Institute for kidney and liver transplantation:
Mykhailo Zagriychuk, Stepan Bohdan, Anton Kuvaitsev, Mykola Kondratyuk, Ivan Marchuk, Erik Svirzhevskyi. Nephrologist: Ivanna Myronenko. Transplant coordinator: Tetyana Myhaleha.
We thank the colleagues of the Volyn Regional Clinical Hospital and the First Medical Association of Lviv for their cooperation.

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