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Thumbelina with Incredible Internal Power


Recently, doctors at the Heart Institute rescued a little girl, Diana, who was as little as a surgeon’s palm. She was delivered to the Institute weighing only 1,500 grams. But this Thumbelina turned out to be with incredible internal power.
Her condition was extremely serious, and the diagnosis was as follows:
– Critical coarctation of the aorta;
– Acute hypoplasia of the proximal aortic arch;
– Large subaortic defect of the interventricular septum;
– High 100% pulmonary hypertension.

Our doctors performed a radical surgery- resection of coarctation of the aorta with aortic arch plasticity, closure of the interventricular septal defect in the conditions of artificial circulation with deep hypothermia at 17 ° C (Cardiac arrest) with a complete cessation of blood circulation.
Everything went well, now the girl is at home with her parents and is gaining weight.
Our team: Vasyl Karpenko, Volodymyr Vashkeba, Vadym Sakalov, Iryna Galamai, Diana Pokormyako, Stepan Marunyak, Oksana Adamenko, Daryna Dabizha, Lydia Stetsenko.

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