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The IX Scientific Conference “Days of Arrhythmology in Kyiv”


On November 16-17, 2017, the IX Scientific and Practical Conference “Days of Arrhythmology in Kyiv” was held at the Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

The co-organizers of this annual event were the Heart Institute and the National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after. P. Shupik. The main idea of the conference was to raise awareness of cardiologists, functional diagnostic physicians, cardiac surgeons, doctors of related specialties with regard to modern diagnostic possibilities and interventional treatment for cardiac arrhythmias. More than 250 practitioners from the majority of regions of Ukraine registered for participation in the 2-day conference.

CEO of the Heart, Head of the Department of Cardiac Surgery, X-ray, Endovascular and Extracorporeal Technologies, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Professor Boris Todurov and Vice-Rector for Scientific, Pedagogical and Therapeutic Activities NMAPE named after P. Shupik, Professor R.Moiseenko greeted the participants of the conference.

The scientific moderators of the conference were the head of the department of functional diagnostics of the NMAPE, Professor Oleg Zharinov and Head of the Department of Internal Medicine No. 1 with the course of Cardiovascular Pathology of the Odessa National Medical University, Professor Yuriy Karpenko. Joint moderation of scientific meetings and symposiums of a cardiologist and an interventional arrhythmologist has revealed many discussion aspects of the current management of patients with cardiac arrhythmias that are not clearly covered by existing consistent recommendations. And this, in turn, caused a considerable interest and active engagement of the audience.

The conference was attended by specialists in the field of violations of cardiac rhythm and conductivity from leading scientific and practical centers and institutions of higher education V. Zalevsky (IMSC named after M. Amosov, NAMS of Ukraine), D. Volkov (Institute of General and Emergency Surgery, NAMS of Ukraine, Kharkiv), V. Ivanov (Vinnitsa National Medical University named after M. Pirogov), O. Koval (Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy), O. Irkin (MD Vaduzheska Institute of Cardiology, NAMS of Ukraine). There were many reports and master classes of the Academy’s staff in the scientific program (O. Zharinov, V. Kuts, L. Tkachenko, M. Trishchinskaya). In addition, the results of research conducted at the Academy were published (O.Epanchintsev, O. Nadorak, Yu. Zalizna). Several practical symposiums were held within the framework of the conference which addressed various aspects of antithrombotic and antiarrhythmic therapy, as well as the use of implantable devices in patients with cardiac arrhythmias.

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