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The first meeting of the club, “Weight loss winners”


November 10, 2012 the first meeting of the club, “Weight loss winners” was held at the Keiv Heart Center

Welcoming speech was by the President of the club, Professor Ivan Todurov.
Questions were raised about the problem of obesity and how to cope with this serious illness, why all the previously applied methods do not produce an effect and the proposed by Mr Todurov methods are different from all the others, why the operated patients with excess weight get rid of heart diseases and diabetes, diseases of the joints, etc .

In the program of the club took part PhD, Head Cardiologiest Mr Boris Todurov, who gave speech on “morbid obesity and heart disease. Diagnostics and treatment “. Also, speeches were given by experts in the surgical treatment of the obesity, as well as patients who have undergone surgery using the new method.

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