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TAVI in Patient with Inoperable Aortic Valve Defect


Recently, at the Heart Institute, another endovascular prosthesis of the aortic valve of the heart (TAVI) was performed on a 78-year-old patient with critical aortic stenosis.
The peculiarity of this intervention was that due to previous strokes and existing risks (Euroscore 22) cardiac surgery was inapplicable. Due to anatomical features of the patient, a special “chimney” technique was used to protect the coronary arteries of the heart, which is quite rare among interventions of this type.

Currently, the patient has been discharged after 5 days of staying in the clinic.
The procedure was performed by the Heart Institute team:
Andriy Khokhlov, Oleg Zelenchuk, Mykola Stan, Natalia Ponych-Horobievska, Yana Antonyuk, Olena Kobzeva, Anna Haivoronska, Natalia Kolibaeva.

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