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Protecting the Health of Ukrainian Nuclear Workers


Team of doctors of the Heart Institute consisting of five specialists (cardiologist, cardiac surgeon, arrhythmologist, neurologist, and ultrasound doctor) worked at the South Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), where they conducted 120 consultations on the health of the plant workers.
In May, the same “heart” mission is planned at the Khmelnitsky NPP, in June – at the Rivne NPP. After visiting all the Nuclear Power Plants in the state-controlled territory, we will provide a report on each examined patient.
Employees of NPPs work in conditions of high health risk, therefore, such checks are vital for them, while for us, this means support for our nuclear front.
We are glad of our cooperation with the National Nuclear Energy Company Energoatom and thank them for such essential and risky daily work.
The Heart Institute’s team:
Cardiac surgeon Viktor Shevchenko, ultrasound diagnostician Oksana Ostrovska, arrhythmologist Maksym Zaretsky, cardiologist Tetiana Kalinichenko, and neurologist Bohdan Parkhomenko.
Together to victory!

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