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Paul Baudry and Eduard Sokolov – two people with transplanted hearts – met at the Heart Institute


On July 6, 2018, two unique people with transplanted hearts – Ukrainian Eduard Sokolov and Frenchman Paul Baudry – met at the Heart Institute of the Heart. Edward’s heart was transplanted by Borys Todurov exactly 15 years ago – in July 2003. It was the first successful heart transplant in Ukraine. Recently, Edward came to the Heart Institute for a routine examination.
Paul received a new heart in 2009 at the Hopital de la Pitié clinic thanks to Dr. Aubert.

Paul started to live with a new heart leading an active lifestyle. In 2013, he climbed 6,000 meters height in the Andes, one of the highest mountains in the world, it was an absolute record for a person with a heart transplant.

At present, Paul is 56 years old and his friendly visit to the Heart Institute was held at during The Sun Trip 2018 bike ride, whose participants on sunny bikes will run 12,000 km in 100 days from Lyon to the Chinese city of Canton. Asked how he dared to make such a long get-off without specialized support during traveling, moving up the mountains and valleys, Paul answered, “I have to live for my son. The heart requires movement and strength.”

Passing through the roads of Ukraine, Paul as a participant advocates organs donation and does so without questioning either his own strength or his heart.

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