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On-site Seminars on Thematic Improvement of Doctors on Cardiac Arrhythmias


On May 4, 2023, the Department of Functional Diagnostics started on-site seminars on thematic improvement, “Diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias and heart block” for 35 cardiologists and functional diagnostics doctors of the Sumy region. The introductory to the seminars was opened by Oleksandr Rusanov, acting director of the Sumy Regional Clinical Cardiology Center. In his speech, he noted the fruitful cooperation in the field of training of specialists with the Heart Institute and the Department of Functional Diagnostics of the Shupyk National Institute of Health of Ukraine, and spoke about the development of interventional cardiology and cardiac surgery in the city of Sumy.

The head of the Department of Functional Diagnostics, Professor Oleg Zharinov, and the Head of the Department, Associate Professor Viktor Kuts, informed those present about the training plan for the seminars, the educational activities of the Department, and the recently published educational literature, as well as the possibilities of continuous professional development of doctors at the thematic improvement seminars. Separate attention was paid to the planned series of professional schools and seminars on narrow aspects of cardiology and functional diagnostics, which are registered by the Testing Center at the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

After that,  The training will last for two weeks. During the working trip, directions of interaction and cooperation with Sumy cardiologists and functional diagnostics doctors were outlined.

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