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Odesa – Kyiv – Two Heart Transplants in One Night


On this challenging night,  two heart transplants were performed simultaneously by two teams of the Heart Institute.
One team led by Prof. Borys Todurov in Odesa gave a second chance for life to a man from the Kirovohrad region, and another team led by Gavrila Kovtun saved a woman from the Dnipropetrovsk region at the Heart Institute.
Despite the nightly air-raid alarm and shelling, the doctors did everything possible to save the patients.

We express great gratitude to the donors and their relatives.
Special thanks to the Chief Doctor of the 10th Odesa City Clinical Hospital, Denys Sebov and his colleagues.
We also express great sympathy and pain for all those we lost today and throughout this terrible war.
The Heart Institute team:
in Odesa: Prof. Borys Todurov, Sofia Chaikovska, Serhiy Sudakevych, Dmytro Loskutov, David Shabanov, Mykola Melnyk, Natalia Galkina;
in Kyiv: Gavrylo Kovtun, Anton Shpachuk, Maksym Taranov.

Also, at this time, the 3rd team of the Institute, headed by Mykhailo Zagryichuk, took kidneys from a donor in Odesa, transported them to Kyiv, and performed a successful kidney transplant (the second kidney was transplanted in another institution).
And this means that life goes on!

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