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Modern Technologies and Specialists of the Heart Institute Save Life of a Patient from Kropivnitsky


January 24, 2019 – nine days ago the patient with severe total viral-bacterial pneumonia with very low saturation was brought from Kropyvnytskyi (about 300 km from Kiev) to the Heart Institute. Due to the disease, the lungs of the patient, in fact, did not function and her life was threatened. The transportation was carried out with the support of artificial ventilation of the lungs (AVL) and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), which was an unprecedented event in the history of Ukrainian medicine.

During the week, the team of doctors of the intensive care unit, together with the perfusionists, fought for the patient’s life, providing tissue oxygenation by a combination of the two methods of life support.

At the moment, pneumonia has receded, the patient is relieved from the state of acute respiratory distress syndrome and manifestations of multiple organ failure, transferred to spontaneous breathing and disconnected from ECMO.

Now her life is not threatened anymore.

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