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Master Class of Surgeon-Arrhythmologist of the Heart Institute for Colleagues from Transcarpathia


The abilities and professionalism of Ukrainian doctors is expanding and is not limited only to the capital. Active exchange of experience gives the patients from the most remote corners of Ukraine to possibility to receive high-quality treatment in local hospitals.

Maksym Zaretskyi, arrhythmologist surgeon at the Heart Institute, recently held a master class on the implantation of a three-chamber CRT-P pacemaker in a patient with a complete blockade of the left bundle branch of His and a reduced ejection fraction of the left ventricle for his colleagues on the basis of St. Martin’s Hospital in Mukachevo, Transcarpathian Region.

An operation was also performed — implantation of a three-chamber cardioverter-defibrillator CRT-D in a patient with a complete blockade of the left leg of the bundle of His and a significantly reduced ejection fraction of the left ventricle, frequent paroxysms of ventricular tachycardia.
We thank the head of the cardiology department, Bohdan Matsyuk, for his cooperation.

The exchange of experience contributes to the development of Ukrainian arrhythmology.
Our cardiac surgeons share their experience and cooperate with colleagues from different parts of Ukraine and the world, for the sake of a healthy future for Ukrainians.

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