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IX Conference on Functional Diagnostics of Cardiovascular Diseases”


On March 18-19, 2021, the Shupyk National University of Health of Ukraine and the Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine held the IX Registered Scientific and Practical Conference on Functional Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Diseases.

The main purpose of this annual conference was to acquaint practitioners with the modern capabilities of methods of functional diagnostics, to discuss the state of preparation of methodological and regulatory documents. More than 2,500 doctors from all regions of Ukraine, including experts in cardiology and functional diagnostics, heads and representatives of specialized departments pre-registered to participate in the forum. In total, the conference lasted about 10 hours.

The conference was opened with an introductory speech by the Director of the Institute of Heart of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine Professor Borys Todurov. In the keynote lecture, Prof. Todurov spoke about the latest achievements of the Heart Institute in the field of surgical treatment of heart failure and heart transplantation.

Topics of the conference covered modern aspects of electro- and echocardiographic diagnostics, ultrasound examination of vessels, Holter ECG monitoring, event monitoring, use of implanted devices. The most powerful contribution to the scientific program was made by the staff of the departments of the University and the Heart Institute (O. Zharinov, V. Kuts, A. Khokhlov, O. Zelenchuk, N. Lifantieva, V. Babenko, O. Epanchintseva, J. Skibchyk), research institutions of the National Academy of Medical Science of Ukraine (J. Lutay, N. Nosenko, B. Kravchuk) and the adjacent department of Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University (N. Oryshchyn, M. Sorokivsky). The audience’s attention was drawn to reports on the diagnosis and treatment of asymptomatic atrial and ventricular arrhythmias, echocardiographic examination in patients with emergencies, risk stratification methods in patients with various forms of coronary heart disease, multifocal atherosclerosis, Fabry disease.

In the framework of satellite symposia and interactive interdisciplinary discussions, modern approaches to instrumental examination and management of patients with acute and chronic coronary syndromes, paroxysmal tachycardia, atrial fibrillation, secondary stroke prevention were considered. During the conference, the presentation of the second edition of the national textbook “Functional Diagnostics” took place. The moderator of the conference, Professor O. Zharinov, informed the participants about the work of the Department of Functional Diagnostics of the National University of Health of Ukraine (supporting specialty) under the conditions of distance learning and new opportunities for continuous professional development of doctors.

Listeners were able to take full advantage of the unique capabilities of remote technologies to communicate with speakers, who generally answered dozens of questions verbally and in a chat with the audience. The conference participants received electronic certificates in accordance with existing regulations. The video of the conference is available for viewing on Youtube:

March 18, 2021 –
March 19, 2021 –

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