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Internship of the Cardiovascular Surgical Team from Zakarpattia Regional Children’s Hospital at the Heart Institute


Recently, the Heart Institute,  an internship for the cardiovascular surgical team from the Zakarpattia Regional Children’s Hospital completed.

Over 5 days, doctors from Zakarpattia — Dr. Bohdan Serdenko (Ph.D., Associate Professor, Head of the Thoraco-Pulmonology Department at the Zakarpattia Regional Children’s Hospital), Diana Halas (Anesthesiologist), Tetiana Bonchyk (Cardiologist), and Yana Kaira (Intern) — enhanced their skills under the guidance of our leading experts.

The collaborative team of specialists from Zakarpattia and the Heart Institute successfully performed surgeries on children, including those from Zakarpattia, who suffered from complex cardiac pathologies.

This internship is part of a program aimed at developing treatment for congenital heart defects in Zakarpattia, initiated by the administration of the regional children’s hospital.

We congratulate our colleagues from Zakarpattia on the successful completion of their training and look forward to further collaboration for the well-being of our young patients!

The Heart Institute Team: Prof. Oleksandr Romaniuk, Yevhenii Oleinikov, Alla Kolch,  Serhii Sudakevych,  Vasyl Shmyrko,  Olena Dudko.

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