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International symposium «Actual issues of pediatric cardiac surgery»


On January,25th an International symposium «Actual issues of pediatric cardiac surgery» was held in the State Institution “Heart Institute by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine”. Prof.Kalangos, the Chairman of the Department of Cardio-Vascular Surgery at University Hospital of Geneva and Prof. A. Petropoulos, chief pediatric cardiologist at the Merkezi clinic (Baku) participated in the Symposium.

Prof.Petropoulos gave three lectures about the uptodate approach to the diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary hypertension, postoperative rhythm disturbances and heart failure in children.

As a part of the Symposium, there were an online translation from the operation theatre, where Prof.Kalangos, together with cardiac surgeons of the pediatric department of the Heart Institute operated on the little patient with Marphan syndrome, that was tricuspid and mitral valve plasty.

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