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Plasma exchange

Plasma exchange – modern efferent therapy, a method of cleaning the patient’s blood plasma from toxins, immune complexes, pathological antibodies, inflammatory factors, during which the plasma is filtered through a highly porous filter or centrifuged to remove plasmofiltrate and protein-bound molecules. Unlike plasmapheresis, this procedure aims to remove 70-120% – CPV (circulating plasma volume) with replacement with albumin solutions (20% of the volume) and fresh frozen plasma (80% of the volume). If necessary, parallel administration of medications is possible. Plasma exchange has a stimulating and supportive effect on the functioning of all organs and systems, including those damaged by the pathological process.

Before the consultation, it is necessary to pass a general and biochemical (total protein and albumin) blood test, coagulogram, blood for hepatitis B, C, HIV. This is an inpatient procedure, the minimum period of hospitalization is 1 day, the duration of the procedure is 3-4 hours.

The procedure is performed in a room equipped with everything necessary for blood transfusion procedures. Through venous catheters, blood is taken from the patient and separated into plasma and shaped elements through a separator. At the same time, replacement solutions, albumin and donor plasma are administered (the transfusion volume is calculated for each patient individually). The blood corpuscles are returned back, and the plasma is disposed of.

Plasma exchange is indicated when:

Plasma exchange is not recommended for problems with:



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