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Recanalization of occlusions of the arteries of the leg and foot

Chronic occlusion (blockage) of the arteries of the lower extremities is a common disease in people with coronary heart disease and widespread atherosclerosis.

Reopening (recanalization) with a catheter is an alternative to open surgery, especially for elderly patients or patients at increased risk of surgery. The cardiac surgeon inserts the catheter through a puncture in the femoral artery with great care. With the help of a contrast agent, which makes the vessels visible on the X-ray image, the blockages can be localized, recanalized with the help of special equipment, and then gradually expanded with the help of a balloon. After balloon expansion (balloon angioplasty), a stent is implanted to prevent further narrowing at the site of expansion.

This technique is minimally invasive, minimally invasive, well tolerated by patients, does not require long-term hospitalization.

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