Types of Apheresis Procedures

Cascade plasmofiltration ECMO Hemodiafiltration Hemodialysis Hemoimmunosorption Plasma exchange Plasmapheresis Plasmosorption The artificial circulatory system Ultrafiltration

Endovascular surgery

Endovascular interventions are the medicine of the future. It allows with minimal access and risk for the patient to perform complex operations, especially if there are contraindications to standard surgery. The main feature of endovascular operations is that the intervention is not performed through incisions, but by puncture: the surgeon makes a small puncture up…

Mini pacemaker

Implantation of the miniaturized Micra transcatheter pacing system. One more procedure of inserting the leadless pacemaker Micra has been recently done at Kyiv Heart Institute. The operation has been performed by the Chief of Cardiac Arrhythmias Department, Cardiac Electrophysiologist – Dr. Oleksandr Grytsay. Today, Dr. Grytsay is the single professional licensed doctor in Ukraine, who…

Mechanical Heart

Left Ventricular Assistance Device (LVAD) is a tool that is used in cardiac surgery with a view to replace, either partially or entirely, the function of a cardiac ventricle in case of heart failure. Deploying that device is considered to be an interim stage of the cardiac function support on the way to heart transplant….