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Heartfelt Thanks to Getinge Polska


Comprehensive support from friendly countries, their desire to help know no distance!
At this difficult time for Ukraine, when tens of thousands of civilians have been killed and wounded by the Russian invaders, a large number of our citizens have become temporary migrants and lost their homes, so support and assistance for Ukrainians is very important and demanded.

Thanks to Getinge, the Department of Cardiac Extracorporeal Therapies of the Heart Institute received supplies for artificial circulation during cardiac surgery and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation – hemoconcentrators, oxygenators, neonatal kits, extracorporeal heart and lung support. This will allow to conduct the full operations of the department and reduce the financial burden on the Health Care system who is already suffering significant material losses resulting from the Russian aggression.

We express our sincere gratitude to Getinge and Iryna Tomilko, director of MAKE Ukraine LLC for their support and much-needed humanitarian aid.
Support and assistance add strength in the fight.
Together to victory!

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