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Heart Transplant for a 17-Year-Old Girl


Yuliana calls July 8 her second birthday because it was on this day that her transplant took place.
The girl had heart problems, which, if correctly diagnosed, could have been solved by a planned operation. Instead, she received treatment for several years, which only worsened her condition, and as a result, the only solution was a heart transplant.
17-year-old Yuliana was in the intensive care unit of the Heart Institute for a month, waiting for a donor organ.
Yesterday in Lviv, the team of the Heart Institute, together with the team of the “First Medical Association of Lviv,” performed a heart transplant.
We wish Yuliani a quick and effective rehabilitation.
We thank our Lviv colleagues, and we bow to the donor’s family for such an act in such a difficult time.
The team:
Prof. Borys Todurov, Gavryl Kovtun, Sofia Chaikovska, Anton Shpachuk, Serhiy Sudakevych, Mykola Melnyk, David Shabanov, Natalia Karpuk, Anna Melnyk, Roman Domasych, Natalia Matolinets.

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