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Heart Surgery During Blackout at the Heart Institute


Prof. Borys Todurov: “This is how the “Russian world” comes. Today’s rocket attack on Kyiv, November 23, 2022, took several lives of Kyivites and plunged the city into darkness and cold. The Heart Institute has 190 patients and 300 employees. There has been no water for several hours now while we are coping on our own, but it is getting harder every hour. We continue to do only emergency operations. We will spend the night in the clinic, we need to control the situation. I thank all employees for their coordinated and selfless work. In this critical situation, we did not lose a single patient. Thanks to the Kyiv communal services for their support. We will hold our medical front until our victory.”

It was at this moment that 14-year-old David underwent heart surgery.

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