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Heart Transplant by Team of the Heart Institute in Sumy


In matters affecting people’s lives, the word “impossible” simply does not exist for our doctors. They are looking for any means of salvation to the last.
For the first time, a heart was transplanted in the Sumy hospital. Heart transplantation in Kyiv was not possible due to the fact that the organ could not be delivered to the capital because the ischemic time was too long. Therefore, the entire team of the Heart Institute and the recipient went to Sumy, where the second heart transplant of this year took place.

But this is not the end of the story, it had a continuation! Together with the team, two kidneys were brought to Kyiv from Sumy, which were transplanted to a patient at the Heart Institute. So far, both operations were successful, and we wish our patients a speedy recovery.
We thank the family of the donor for the permission to collect organs for transplantation, we bow to them.

And, of course, we thank our incredible surgeons, Prof. Borys Todurov and Mykhailo Zagrychuk, for finding a way out in the most extreme situations and overcoming all obstacles on the way to saving human lives.
We thank the team of doctors of the Heart Institute and Sumy Hospital.

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