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Doctors of the Heart Institute Performed Surgeries on Children in Dnipro


The team of the Children’s Department of the Heart Institute within the framework of the Healthy Ukraine program visited the city of Dnipro and performed two complex surgeries. The patients were 2 girls aged 1.5 and 1.8 years diagnosed with Tetrad Fallot and atrial and interventricular septal defects. These are quite complex heart defects that require surgery.
The operations were successful, the children feel well and recover quickly.


We are extremely happy to help children who lack care and attention because one of girls is an orphanage resident. The joy is heightened by the fact that the girl is being prepared for adoption.
We thank the team of Dnipro City Children’s Clinical Hospital named after prof. M. Rudnev for fruitful cooperation.

The Heart Institute Team:
Head of the Cardiac Surgery Department for Newborns and Premature Newborns Vasyl Karpenko, head of the Children’s Cardiac Surgery Department Volodymyr Vashkeba, Head of the Children’s Intensive Care Unit Iryna Halamai, Diana Pokormiako, Ihor Khomenko, Oksana Surova.

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