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Doctors of the Heart Institute Examined Workers of Chornobyl Nuclear Plant


Prof. Borys Todurov with a team of doctors of the Heart Institute – Victor Shevchenko, cardiac surgeon, Head of the Ischemic Heart Disease Department; Olga Yepanchyntseva, cardiologist, Head of the Department of Diagnostics of Pathology of the Heart and Main Vessels; Nataliya Ponich-Gorobievska, a specialist in ultrasound diagnostics – at the invitation of the IAEA mission, conducted an examination of forty employees of the Chornobyl Nuclear Plant.

People who suffered the Russian occupation, did not leave their posts and supported the safety of the Nuclear Plant, need special medical support today. We agreed with the management of the Nuclear Plant on long-term cooperation.
Prof. Borys Todurov: “The last time I was in this zone was in May 1986, when we – students of the 5th year of study – were brought for a month to evacuate local residents.”

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