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Doctors of the Heart Institute Conducted a Consultative Reception of Patients in Sumy


As part of the trip of the team of the Heart Institute to the city of Sumy, a consultative reception of patients took place on the basis of the Sumy Regional Clinical Cardiology Center and the University Clinic of Sumy State University. This trip was also remembered for holding master classes for our colleagues.
A team of arrhythmologists and cardiac surgeons examined about 100 adult and young patients with acquired heart defects, coronary disease, and rhythm disorders.

A master class for heart ultrasound doctors, as well as a master class on testing artificial pacemakers, were held.
Such experience and cooperation are significant for maintaining our doctors’ high level of qualification.
The Heart Institute’s team:
Maksym Rotar, Yevhenii Zhitynskyi, Olga Kononenko, Volodymyr Vashkeba, Natalia Ruban.

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