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5 A, Bratyslavska str,
Kyiv 02166, Ukraine

Department of clinical and diagnostic laboratory

Head of department

Natalyia Korotchuk

Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory is an independent diagnostic unit at Heart Institute, which provides laboratory monitoring during surgical procedures, conducting laboratory clinical studies of patients tissues, as well as gives consulting and check-up programms for adults and children, in-patient cardiology center. This department also conducts environmental sanitary-bacteriological studies.

Laboratory procedures are carried out in accordance with protocols approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Any changes in this deppartment are performed in accordance to Ministry of Helath guidelines, circulars, instructions as for sets of reagents. Application of laboratory equipment comply with approved technologies. The laboratory is certified to perform measurements over 300 techniques (certificate number: PT-13/11 from 31.1., 2011)

Clinical diagnostic laboratory structure has several divisions for conducting a clinical study of the material in the following areas:

1. Department of general clinical and hematological studies
2. Department of Clinical Biochemistry, with the office for the Study of haemostasis
3. Department of Clinical Immuno-serology
4. Department of Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobial Therapy

The basic principles of the diagnostic laboratory are:
quality, urgency and  continuiancy

Quality – provides by following:
– Up-to-level laboratory high-tech equipment
– The use of high-quality reagents and supplies leading world manufacturers
– A system of internal quality control using certified reference materials
– Expertise
Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory department at Heart Institute is registered in the international program of external quality assurance laboratory RIQAS (UK) under the number 181050 in following areas: hematology, clinical chemistry, coagulation, lipids, cardiac markers, blood gases, immunochemistry.

Urgency  – a laboratory equipped with a full range of modern laboratory equipment for the task in the modern, high-tech level in the shortest time possible.

Continuancy – aboratory operates around the clock, doing laboratory research in mode on-line 24/7.

More than 1 million a year laboratory tests  are performed in the clinical diagnostic laboratory.

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