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Anesthesiology Department

Head of department
+380 (44) 291 61 37
Nicolay Goncharenko

Modern anesthesiology only goal – is to save lives, while maintaining its quality of life afterwards

Nowadays any large surgeries can not be performed without proper anaesthetization.

In this respect, the Department of Anesthesiology main challenges are:

• To ensure the safety of surgery itself;

• Provide adequate anaesthetization to patient and to prevent any side reaction during the medical procedures, surgery;

• To prevent possible complications, and to minimize them in case they occur

In other words, the anesthesiologist – a physician who provides security to your life during the surgery.

The department has extensive experience in anesthesia for various types of surgical interventions. Any surgery, procedure or research may be conducted at the Heart Center without pain and discomfort.

Anesthesia department using the most advanced equipment and modern medications under the sleepless supervision for all the life-supporting systems of the patient.

Anesthesiology equiped with the most modern anesthesia and respiratory equipment by leading international manufacturers, which makes anesthesia convenient, safe and up-to-date.

At the disposal of our doctors a comfortable offices with monitoring systems that meet international standards for anesthesia, allowing to determine the depth of anesthesia, the adequacy of cerebral blood flow, the functional state of the lungs, heart and other vital organs of the systems, to achieve safety and risk free of anesthesia for the patient during the.

Infusion pumps, dispensers and perfuzory by leading Western manufacturers can achieve a smoother flow of anesthesia, to create comfortable working conditions for surgeons. Anesthetic drugs used here reduce immensly the awakening of patients during the surgery.

The department has developed and introduced into the practice of modern anesthesia technology, allowing to carry out operations without the use of blood components in adults and children (minimum weight of the patient, conducted by “bloodless” method – 2.8 kg).

Anesthesiology department is the clinical base for the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education Shupyk, which allows involvement in the daily procedures of professors and teachers of the Academy, to conduct scientific research to improve methods of pain management and deployment of more advanced methods of anesthesia.

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