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Consultations of Young Patients in Khmelnytsky


For about a month now, specialists from the Heart Institute Olena Dudko and Natalia Ruban, have been conducting preventive examinations and consultations for children with cardiovascular pathology at the Khmelnytsky Regional Children’s Hospital.

Fleeing from the fighting and shelling, these children’s families moved to the Khmelnytsky region.

The specialists managed to combine work at the Heart Institute and in Khmelnytsky to help young patients, as a large number of people temporarily moved to the western part of Ukraine. In this way, doctors can communicate with the families and advise all little citizens including migrants. During this period, they have examined more than 150 children from all over the region.

We thank Lilia Brukhnova, Director of the Khmelnitsky Regional Children’s Hospital for organizing consultations and the work in view of all the challenges of today.


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