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Webinar of Profile Departments on Outpatient Monitoring

On April 24, 2020, as part of the remote cycle of Advanced Training Courses “Outpatient ECG Monitoring”, an interdepartmental webinar, organized by the Department of Functional Diagnostics in conjunction with the profile department of Lviv National Medical University named after Danylo Halytsky was held.

During the 4-hour webinar, about 600 physicians were in constant contact, lead by cardiologists and functional diagnosticians. Professor O. Zharinov and Associate Professor V. Kuts (doctors – arrhythmologists of the Heart Institute) for the first time at events of this level considered in detail the aspects of diagnosis and management of patients with asymptomatic tachyarrhythmias and bradyarrhythmias. Associate professors U. Chernyaga-Roiko and M. Sorokivskiy focused on modern possibilities of daily ECG monitoring and modern technologies of ECG monitoring of events in different clinical situations.

The webinar held on the Microsoft Teams platform was the first result of the great work done recently by the Department of Functional Diagnostics for the introduction of distance learning technologies in the educational process. Active involvement of the audience in the learning process, the feeling of direct contact of each doctor with the speakers, diverse scientific content, the opportunity to finally ask a “painful” question and get an answer quickly – these are the benefits that all participants could feel during the webinar.
All reports will soon be available for viewing on the website of the department:

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