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The fifth scientific and practical conference “Functional Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Diseases”

16-03-17 Функціональна діагностика серцево-судинних хвороб3 -1

On March 16, 2017 the National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after P. Shupyk and the Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine held the fifth scientific and practical conference “Functional Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Diseases”.

The purpose of the conference was to introduce practical physicians to modern capabilities of functional diagnostic methods, preparation of methodical and normative documents. The conference was attended by 235 doctors from the majority of Ukrainian regions.

The conference was opened by the General Director of Heart Institute, Head of the Department of Cardiosurgery, X-ray Endovascular and Extracorporeal Technologies of NMAPO named after P. Shupik, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Professor Boris Todurov. The reports covered modern aspects of electro- and echocardiographic diagnostics, ECG monitoring, event monitoring, stress tests, polysomnography, and electroencephalography. In addition to the staff of the departments of functional diagnostics and radiation diagnostics of NMAPO named after P. Shupik (O. Zharinov, V. Kuts, N. Mokhnacheva, N. Vasilieva, N. Nosenko), the conference was attended by members of the adjacent chair of radiation diagnostics of the LNMU named after Daniil Galitsky (N. Orishchin, M. Srokovski, N. Chernyaga-Royko), the Center for Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (I. Lebed), and other institutions in Kyiv. Within the framework of the conference, the head of the functional diagnostics department of the NMAPE named after P. Shupik professor Oleg Zharinov and Associate Professor V. Kuts held master classes “Heart rhythm disturbance in patients with a constant pacemaker” and “Atrial fibrillation and flutter: the nuances of diagnosis and the evolution of treatment”.

16-03-17 Функціональна діагностика серцево-судинних хвороб4During the conference, a coordination-methodical meeting of the main specialists on functional diagnostics of the regions of Ukraine and representatives of the departments on which the teaching of functional diagnostics is conducted was held. The state and problems of preparation of normative documentation on functional diagnostics were discussed. As the main freelance specialist of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Professor Oleg Zharinov reported on the educational work carried out for the year in the specialty, in particular, school-seminars on functional diagnostics in the regions of Ukraine (Lutsk, Krivyi Rig, Lviv, Sumy) conducted jointly with adjacent departments, as well as the preparation of a textbook on functional diagnostics approved for publication by the Scientist council of NMAPE named after P. Shupik on March 15, 2017. The third edition of the training manual “Fundamentals of electrocardiography” was presented.

General sponsor of the conference
Sanofi (France)

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