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Conference with International Participation MEVI 2023


Recently, the most important conference with international participation dedicated to endovascular interventions took place in Kyiv – MEVI 2023, Multidisciplinary Endovascular Interventions.

Employees of the Heart Institute were presented in reports and broadcasting from the operating room.

For the first time in Ukraine, a live online broadcast of aortic valve implantation (TAVI) was held from the operating room of the Heart Institute, during which the team of our clinic implanted the most modern valve of the latest generation, Evolut Pro+ from Medtronic.

At the conference, the Institute of the Heart presented reports on modern endovascular treatment of heart defects: aortic and mitral – Mykola Stan; stenting of chronic occlusions – Oleksiy Furkalo.

The Heart Institute is not only a clinic but also a scientific center where doctors constantly study and improve their skills.

The Heart Institute’s team: Andrii Khokhlov, Mykola Stan, Oleg Zelenchuk, Mykhailo Todurov.

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