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Conference “Actual Issues of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery”


On September 12, 2023, the IX annual scientific and educational conference “Current Issues of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery” was held at the Heart Institute, Kyiv. It was organized with the participation of the Departments of Functional Diagnostics and Cardiac Surgery, X-ray Endovascular and Extracorporeal Technologies of the Shupyk National University of Health Care of Ukraine. The purpose of the forum was to acquaint doctors of various specialties with innovations in the field of cardiac surgery and interventional cardiology, methods of functional diagnosis, and treatment of cardiac diseases, introduced into clinical practice during the last year. The conference moderators were Prof. Oleg Zharinov, Head of the Department of Functional Diagnostics, and Vitalii Demianchuk, Cardiac Surgeon, Deputy Director of the Heart Institute.

The topics of the conference included the latest aspects of cardiac surgery and interventional cardiology, in particular, heart transplantation and devices for mechanical support of blood circulation in patients with terminal heart failure (Gavrylo Kovtun), transcatheter aortic valve implantation (Andrii Khokhlov), hybrid treatment of aneurysms of the thoracic aorta (O. Zelenchuk), thromboembolism of the pulmonary artery in oncological diseases (Vitalii Demyanchuk). During the conference, the results of scientific research by the doctors of the Heart Institute – postgraduate students of the Shupyk National University of Health Care of Ukraine. In particular, A. Shkandala talked about the possibilities of antithrombotic therapy in patients with aortic diseases, M. Stan – about the study of the fractional reserve of blood flow in stable coronary heart disease, Y. Skibchyk – about the management of patients with long-term attacks of persistent atrial fibrillation, I. Stetsyuk – about modern technologies of cardiac surgery in the treatment of aortic root aneurysms. During the round table, there was a discussion of modern aspects of antithrombotic therapy in the cardiosurgical clinic. The latest possibilities of hypolipidemic therapy were highlighted in a lecture by the head of the Department of Cardiology, Laboratory and Functional Diagnostics of Kharkiv Medical University Prof. V. Tseluiko.

In general, the conference reflected the implementation of several priority areas of cardiac surgery and interventional cardiology in the work of the Heart Institute  – one of the leading cardiac surgical and cardiology centers of Ukraine. It testifies to the preservation of a high standard of scientific research and continuous professional development of doctors at the departments of the Shupyk National University of Health Care of Ukraine, who work on the basis of the Heart Institute. The recording of the conference is available for viewing on the YouTube platform:


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