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All-Ukrainian Conference “Innovative surgery”


March 17, 2018 the Heart Institute hosted the First All-Ukrainian Conference – “Innovative surgery”, dedicated to the latest methods of treatment in surgery, which are successfully used in Ukraine.
About 500 participants worked in an atmosphere of intense, interesting and exciting communication with successful surgeons of our country.

Experienced doctors of Ukraine in the field of cardiac surgery (Borys Todurov), transplantology (Oleg Kotenko), neurosurgery (Andrey Guk), bariatric surgery (Ivan Todurov), plastic surgery (Rostislav Valikhnovsky, Edgar Kaminsky), anesthesiology (Oleg Loskutov), dermatology (Alexander Litus), orthopedics (Alexander Kosyakov) presented interesting reports, formed a picture of modern innovations. True fans of their work motivated young people to develop Ukrainian medicine.

The project, which will help Ukrainian doctors to raise their own qualifications, was organized by the UAMED team.


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