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A Little Italian Underwent Cardiac Surgery at the Heart Institute


Recently, a little Italian was operated at the Children’s Department of the Heart Institute.

Mattia and his twin sister were born prematurely, at 25 weeks, with extremely low body weight, only 600 grams, and also with a congenital heart defect. The babies were raised in one of the perinatal centers of Kyiv for almost a month so that they would grow up a little.

Little Mattia was on artificial ventilation. When his weight reached 1,000 grams, pediatric doctors at the Heart Institute took him to the neonatal and premature unit, where he underwent open surgery on the same day. Nothing threatens his life anymore. After a timely intervention, such children usually grow and develop well. Almost immediately, the little one got better. The next day, the child was already transferred to another hospital for further treatment.

The entire team of the Children’s Department wishes the baby to grow well and be healthy.

The Heart Institute team:
Vasyly Karpenko, Volodymyr Vashkeba, Vadim Sakalov, Ruslana Kireychikova, Diana Pokormyako, Olga Shpora, Oksana Adamenko.

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