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A Fragment of a Russian Mine Removed from 3-Year-Old Mia’s Heart


Recently, specialists at the Heart Institute saved the heart of a little girl named Mia. She, along with her grandmother, had been caught in a mortar attack in Kherson. Three fragments of the mine struck Mia’s heart, neck, and leg, while the rest hit her grandmother, who shielded her with her body, sustaining severe injuries.

Both the grandmother and granddaughter were quickly taken to the Kherson hospital and then transferred to  the Heart Institute. There, Prof. Borys Todurov and his team removed the dangerous fragment of the Russian mine from Mia’s body. It had been perilously close to major blood vessels. “It’s a miracle that the child survived,” noted Prof. Borys Todurov.

Mia now has a chance at a new life. Despite the challenges, she smiles today.

And today, our three-year-old patient enjoys life alongside the Puppy Patrol, a gift she received. Mia and her grandfather are going to return to their home, where Mia’s mother, little sister, and grandmother are waiting.

We wish Mia a long and happy life!

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